20 Do Your Work Processes PDF eBook

20 Do Your Work Processes will get you started on raising your vibration and clearing up beliefs that no longer serve you.

Sometimes we just have bad days.  We wake up on the wrong side of the bed and everything goes down hill from there.  Even though I know that being joyful feels better and brings better things to me, when I'm in that low vibe place it's hard to remember what to do to get out of it quickly.

That's exactly why I created this manual.  I wanted a go-to list of all of the processes that I know without a doubt raise my vibration and get me back on track.  
I have to admit, it's not all my own.  The Universe, guided me to discover processes my whole life.  My team of spirit guides helped me develop a framework that makes sense.  I reference Abraham/Esther Hicks, who started me on my journey of deliberate creation.  My part is, of course, putting it all together, and also my experiments and experience with using these processes in my everyday life.

Even the colors I chose, which mimic my website, were deliberate.  Magenta is considered the fullest expression of Divine Love.  It's spiritual message says that minding the small things brings big manifestational rewards.  It's also my favorite color!  Black keeps you grounded, which is necessary when you're confronting old beliefs. 

This 15-page PDF is packed full of processes to guide you to do the work that will raise your vibration.  Since vibration is everything when it comes to creation, expect to feel empowered.

Here's what's in it:
  • 20 processes including descriptions, benefits, examples and step-by-step tips 
  • Bonus side bar processes
  • Space and guidance for creating your own processes
  • A hot sheet with all of the processes in one place that you can print alone as a reference.

If you're serious about becoming your best self and creating the life you've been dreaming about AND you need a little help when you fall out of alignment, then this handy manual will really help.

And it's affordable!  I want everyone to have access to the tools they need to grow, while running a business that feels good to me. So I'm offering the 20 Do Your Work Processes ebook for $11.11.  I know right? Everyone's favorite number!

If you're committed to staying in vibrational alignment, click the button below.  You'll be directed to Paypal to complete your purchase.  Then you'll be redirected to immediately download the PDF file and get started.

Thank you so much for supporting the work I'm so passionate about and keep doing your work.  I'm cheering for you!