Embracing Empathy

​If you're an empath, or think you might be one, it can be difficult to navigate all those emotions.  Empaths are like dry sponges absorbing people's emotions until they become overwhelmed.  I've often heard empaths refer to their gifts as a curse, and I used to feel the same way until I learned how to manage the gift of empathy.

This 4-day mini-course will teach you:
  • Common characteristics of empaths.
  • How to discern between your own emotions and the emotions of others.
  • How to stop absorbing emotions immediately with a simple technique.
  • How empathy can actually work for you instead of against you.
  • Self-care techniques that are essential for empaths.

If you're overwhelmed by your empathic powers, give yourself the gift of relief.  You'll get practical tools and insights from day one that you can easily implement seamlessly into your life. 

The cost of this course is $35.  It will start on July 6th and end on July 9th.  Registration closes on July 3rd.

​Click 'Pay What You Can' and pay the dollar amount you can afford and that feels good to you!

I invite you to join me and step into the power of empathy.

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