​Life Mastery
​Trailblazers Edition

​Welcome to your new life.
I am beyond excited to announce the release of a brand new innovative course:  Life Mastery Trailblazers Edition.  This is a course like none you’ve ever seen.  Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll agree.

The idea for this course came to me through a series of miraculous signs from the universe, and it was channeled directly from Source Energy and filtered through me and my experiences into existence.  It is intended to assist high vibrational beings to cross the last hurdles on their path to Life Mastery.  I’ll say here and now that it isn’t for everyone, and it is exclusively offered for those who are ready.  I know that the right people will be called to it and will witness a miraculous change in their lives.  I am honored to witness their transformation!

​Who should take this course?

Life Mastery Trailblazers Edition is intended for people who are a vibrational match to the following:

  • They already hold a higher-than-average vibrational frequency.
  • They possess little resistance to the concept of reality creation and take complete responsibility for their reality.
  • They have an awareness that they are close to a life-altering transformation and may currently be receiving guidance about it.

Everyone has their own journey and where you are is just perfect for you.  My intention for making this an exclusive course is to reach those who are truly ready.  I deeply respect everyone’s path and their money.  I felt a strong sense that it would not be right to allow people to join who were not vibrationally prepared.  In fact, I’d be doing more harm than good.  That would just be a money grab, and though I like money just as much as the next person, that is not what I’m about.  I am about true growth at the perfect time.

​Why are you releasing a mastery course first?

It seems backward, but most things I do often seem that way.  Here’s the reason.  Because I have an understanding of how energy works, I understand that everyone is in a different place on their energetic journey.  As people live and experience things, their resting vibrational set point raises.  If you think about it and you’ve been interested in working on yourself, you have a much greater understanding of things than you ever have before.

It’s not a judgement or a competition.  Your life is unfolding perfectly!  I also know that people who ascend to higher vibrational set points and can hold them consistently help others to level up simply by resonating at higher frequencies.  It helps everyone they come into contact with and contributes to the greater mass consciousness of the planet.

By starting with those who are at this level and assisting them into a place of Life Mastery, everyone benefits.  It also benefits them to be in a group of people who are near their level of vibration.  This is a no-negativity zone for the explicit purpose of vibrational ascension. 

​How do I get in the course?

The application process is simple.  It starts with a conversation between you and me.  Low key, low stress.  I want to know what drew you to the course.  I’ll read your energy and your cards to get a feel for where you are on your path.  If you’re a good fit, you’re in.  If you’re not quite there, I’ll be able to identify where you are blocked so that you may qualify for later course offerings. 

Please be clear, I want to help everyone!  I have also been prompted that other courses are coming that will help others to be ready to take on the Life Mastery Program, so I’m not just throwing you to the wolves!  The Universe gave it to me this way and I must honor and trust my own path and inner knowing.

​Once accepted, what will I learn?

Once you are accepted and we get started on June 22nd, you will be immersed in these subjects:

  • Why we are attached to the negative and how to break free
  • Why you MUST learn to be selfish, even if it’s against your own nature
  • Myths and Truths about happiness
  • How to achieve unconditional happiness and what results to expect
  • How to recondition your brain, thought patterns, and habits to align with your greater good
  • The ebb and flow of your own vibrational set point and how to gain control over it
  • How knowing all of this will impact your life
  • Your new responsibility to yourself, your loved ones, humanity, and the planet

I’m sure you noticed that manifesting is not on the list.  Manifesting stuff is NOT the focus of this program.  There are countless manifesting courses out there with amazing spiritual teachers.  In this program manifesting is simply a by-product of your new frequency.  When you achieve that, things manifest effortlessly.

How much does it cost?

After having said all of that, I’m sure you can see the tremendous value of the Life Mastery Program.  If something like this had been available to me I would have certainly jumped on it at any cost I was able to afford.  But here’s the deal, while the universe has provided me with the gifts to greatly impact people’s lives, I’m more interested in helping people than blindly grabbing money from their wallets. 

So I meditated and asked the Universe to give me the appropriate number, and I was very pleased with the answer.  I believe the number is comfortable for me to receive and very doable for people who are ready for the journey.

 ​I am thrilled to offer the Life Mastery Trailblazers Edition for only $100!

​What do I get?

Besides a whole lot of fun and a pathway into Life Mastery, you’ll get:

  • Access to the private course group and all of the lessons.  For.  Life.  It doesn’t go away.  You can go back and brush up anytime you like.  You’ll also get access to all of the new editions of the course when they are released.  I bought a business course once and I loved that I could take it again and again.  It was my inspiration for this part of the offer.  But that course was priced at $2k.
  • Card readings prior to each lesson to determine where you are blocked and how to release the resistance to make it easier to level up.  The readings will be focused on your progress in the course.  That is like having a customized course made just for you.  The readings alone would cost you $75.
  • One-on-one coaching and support with me not only during the 5 days of the program, but also 5 days following the end of the program.  That’s a total of 10 days.  You determine how much time you need, within reason, and when you need it.  If you paid for just one and a half hours of private coaching it would cost $240.
  • Free energy healing and vibrational fine tuning for the duration of the course.  I haven’t even tried to put a price tag on that one.

Should I Apply?

I strongly urge you to allow your intuition to guide you to your decision.  If you feel called to it, let’s have the conversation.  At best, you’ll know you’re ready; at worst, you’ll know where to concentrate your efforts to get ready.

The course begins on June 22nd, neatly tucked between the Summer Solstice and the New Moon.  It will continue for 5 days.  Each session will last up to two hours, but it will be fun and interactive.  You’ll also need to set aside time for your daily card readings.
It’s a small financial commitment and a larger time commitment.  If you know this course is for you, trust that the universe and your inner being will clear out the way for you.  Once we’ve determine that you are indeed ready for Life Mastery, you’ll be able to sign up and you’ll receive a complete schedule for the program and the course syllabus.

​Thank You!
If you read all of that, know that I am very honored by your interest and attention.  If I left out anything and you still have questions, please feel free to contact me via email at nikkilynngordon@gmail.com or via FB messenger.

If you know you're ready to have the conversation, hit the button below and fill out the form.  I'll be in touch with you ASAP!

And lastly, I want you to know that whether you join this course or not, I am truly rooting for each and every one of you.  Vibrational ascension is a beautiful thing and I feel honored to watch your progress each and every day.

Always with great love,

I want to have the conversation!